Code of Conduct

Our corporate objectives and principles are clear: We want to meet the  commericial needs and expectations of our partners - from the customer’s side - and from the side of the supplier.
We do our best to operate in an environmentally sustainable manner.
We have to ensure job security and health safety.
We continually strive to improve in order to secure our long term competitiveness and profitability.

To achieve these objectives  we apply the following principles:



We bring in-depth knowledge of materials, their uses and proper treatment, into the consulting and development of new recycling  techniques, as well as the continuing development of our processes. Here our services to meet consistently high quality and environmental standards.


We understand service to mean:
- Our advice and assistance in processing and disposal-related issues
- Our treatment methods for metals and metal-bearing wastes
- Logistic support services

Financing and hedging activities

All services comply with the requirements agreed upon with the customers and help to increase customer satisfaction.


Our strength lies in our independence as a dynamic company and in the close economic cooperation within the company group. This gives us a lot of flexibility in the market allowing us a strong position. Internally we achieve a consistent manufacturing quality and the resulting treatment continuity and availability of equipment and machinery involved in the process. We understand that well maintained machines contribute to safety in the workplace.


Our relationships with our customers (suppliers or buyers) are based on respect and trust. To meet customer expectations we want to maintain quality products, competitive prices, punctual delivery, environmental responsibility, expert information, support and advice as well as the fast, flexible implementation.


Our employees are actively involved in the responsibility for quality and environmental protection, occupational safety and health. Everyone contributes within his or her position to the success of our company. We keep our employees motivated and  personal responsible on a personal level through open communication and regular staff training.


We care for the environment by enabling the availability of secondary raw materials as well as by promoting and contributing to  the cause of protecting the natural resource reserves. We want to limit environmental damage through preventive measures and comply with all applicable laws and regulatory arrangements.
We regularly assess and evaluate the companies that dispose of the resulting pollutants via us, according to specified criteria. We systematically screen, so as to avoid accidents and polluting the environment. We work openly and factually with government agencies, other companies and the general public on environmental issues. 

Occupational Safety and Health

Our goal is to minimize health hazards to our employees and to avoid damaging their health. The number of accidents and the associated direct and indirect costs should be reduced. Therefore we want to protect our personnel in all aspects of occupational safety and health in all our operational activities. We comply with the relevant legislation and industry standards.