Our focus: trade

with blocks, scrap and residues of non-ferrous metals as well as the purchase of scrap metal at current prices.

Whether scrap, block metal for casting or primary metals: compile Discuss your requirements with us,  we are able, on request to offer  complete solution packages. For example, if you need us as a foundry to provide you with brass blocks, we can offer you a package at the same time for subsequent processing of the waste, disposed of in an environmentally friendly way of course. As a partner of the Metallum Group we utilize the individual skills of the affiliated companies of the group to offer you cost-effective delivery, and disposal services under one roof.
We deal with:

  • accordingly classified non-ferrous metals scrap
  • block metals for foundries (fine-grain-polishing) brass, (low lead), gunmetal and bronze ingots and copper alloy according to your requirements.
  • Primary metals such as copper, tin, nickel, lead and aluminum alloys.