You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs...

And we know what to do with the shells.

Collect, transport, recycle.

In the field of waste management, we are very experienced, certified and environmentally conscious. Incidental residues and wastes are disposed of or recycled safely and "clean".
Our comprehensive waste acceptance catalog shows in detail everything we can do for you in terms of disposal. We also offer special recasting solutions.

Modern und innovative

In 2000, we received a permit in accordance with the Federal Emission Protection Law- one of the first companies in the metals trade. Wilhelm Raven Euro-Metall was one of the pioneers in the industry. This was followed until 2004 by the implementation of a sustainable long-term concept together with the relevant authorities.

Along with the certification as a waste management company, we comply with all the requirements of a modern recycling operation.


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